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On Friday 5th July, we booked a 7 seater for a return journey, to take us from Padgate to The Ferry Tavern at Penketh on Saturday, picking us up at 12:30pm.

At 12:30 ABBA called to say they didn't have a 7 seater but would get someone (maybe 2 cabs) to us. At 12:50 a 7 seater mini van turned up, they'd got him from another company.

Our return journey was booked for midnight but the event we were at finished earlier, at 11 o clock so we called ABBA and asked if there was a chance of an earlier taxi. They said no, but to wait where we'd arranged....which we did.

At 12:00am we called again and was told the taxi would be with us in 15 mins. Yes, you've guessed taxi!! We called again to be told they had no booking but could send two cabs that would arrive in 15 to 30 mins.

Luckily we were able to flag down a couple of local cabs but by this time it was 12:45.

ABBA you are a despicable taxi company who unfortunately (I wonder if it's by honest practice) have cornered the market in Warrington. Competition in the form of a professional taxi company is badly needed here, then we would never, ever need to use you again!   07-07-13


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