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Our family has been let down by Abba cars repeatedly. Last night, having booked 2 taxis to take us to a restaurant 2 days in advance we were left stranded. We were checking the app from about 15 mins before the due time and the taxis were showing as not dispatched which was concerning us a little. Then at 2 minutes past the booking time, the app showed the taxis as cancelled. We rang immediately and were told we were a no show. I fail to see how this was the case as we were all ready and waiting and checking the app. We were told we would have to wait another 30 mins for a taxi. That’s strange as surely there must have been 2 empty taxis less than 2 minutes away! Anyway, our first special night out after lockdown ended up with me having to drive two journeys to get us all to the restaurant, the second group being 20 mins late and then two journeys to get us all home at the end of the night and no celebratory drinks for me. This company has been so unreliable repeatedly. I need to find a taxi company in Warrington who can actually deliver the service they advertise.   03-06-21
Tags: Unreliable No communication Poor service