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Booked a taxi for 8 am the person had to be in work for 8.30 am.He had to be in work for 8.30 am rand at 5 past 8 and then 15 minutes past 8 and told the driver was stuck on Bridge foot and would be on the causeway soon as there was traffic. The taxi still haven't arrived at 25 past so rang them back and was told he was on station road and then on to wash lane completely different way to what I had been told and finally the taxi arrived 35 minutes late making the person late for work. This firm is absolutely unreliable and useless if a taxi is booked for a specific time they should send one out at least 10 mins before its due to arrive then it might get to the pick up at the time it is actually needed. The staff on the phones were polite but overall some of the drivers are so thick it's amazing they even become taxi drivers as the one who picked up the fare had a thick expression on his face when told where the customer needed dropping off almost as if he didn't know where it was. I will never use them again   04-03-15
Tags: rubbish time keeping