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Had to give one star because it won't let me put zero. Same as the other reviews on here - rubbish taxi company who have let me down 3 times now. First 2 times they made me miss trains and cost me over £200 in train tickets that were wasted by their incompetence. Yesterday, booked them for a set time. 10 mins after the agreed time, I rang: 'Two minutes' said the voice on the telephone. 10 minutes later (just about to miss another train): 'He'll be with you very soon'. "When?" I asked. 'Within 5 minutes'. "Really? Where is he now" 'Can't tell you that - Data Protection Act'. What nonsense - do they think we're thick? Told them to cancel it and their phone was cut off half way through my sentence. Incompetent, arrogant and rude. Fortunately a neighbour stepped in and got me to the station just in time. Absolutely WON'T be using them again.   24-10-16
Tags: Abba Cars Taxi