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Not even worth 1 star, don't even know how they are still going, always late and sometimes don't even show up. Have to ring 10 times to see where the taxi is, it's a joke!!

I had to catch a train and pre booked a taxi and it was 25 mins late so I rang 3 separate times and I was told the "shut the f*** up and stop ringing" even though my taxi was 25 minutes late and missed my train, no apology no money back, they just don't care about their customers.

The only reason why people get them is because there's so many of them about their like flys around s*** in Warrington can't get away from them.

Would love to see them go out of business their absolutely disgusting, rude on the phone and offer terrible service, would love to see über come to Warrington and shut them down.... idiots   19-12-16