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Shame I had to even give this rubbish taxi company a star!!! Would never recommend this taxi company to anyone! Booked the taxi hours before for 11am (so I was early for a bey important interview) at 11:01 I rung just to confirm the taxi was booked, he assured me it was and that it was on its way. A few mins later get my "call back" to let me know taxi was on its way went outside to wait and by 11:11 it still hadnt showed so rung and spoke to a girl who said it had turned up at 11:03 and waited 8 mins (which would have been 11:11, funny as I was on the phone to her and it was not here) and I said I was going to be late for my interview and she said she would get it re sent. Waited even longer, 11:16 still hadnt showed so rung again, told it was high priority and hung up on, very rude!!... 11:25, still not turned up! By this point I was so upset and worked up about being late for my interview burst out crying and went into the house to calm down... Eventually 11:31 a taxi turns up!! BUT parks on the wrong side of a very busy road, not out side my house, and not even opposite it was on the corner outside a shop!!! I was so wound up and worked up I didn't bother going out!! Rung to complain and they again insisted the first taxi turned up right outside my house!! Unless I'm blind or it was a ghost taxi it defo was not there! They then said the 2nd taxi waited right outside my house to which I replied "what other the wrong side outside a shop is outside my house" to which the operator said oh sorry. idiots who work here and such a terrible unorganised and uncaring taxi company!!

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