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Worst nightmare with Abba cars. Left my Samsung phone in one of the taxis. Called customer services and was told we were last passengers for the day,so they shldnt be any issues. So they couldn't call driver since he had finshed work and they didn't have his details as he's self employed. So had to wait all day today coz they had said the driver would come in later today and ask him if he found anything. My friend called first at the time they had said the driver would be in,since she was the one who had made the booking. She was told the driver was in office and confirmed he didn't find any phone, though he did " another job" after he dropped us off. I called later again to find out what was happening exactly and this time was told driver was off duty but they had called to check with him on his private number and he had confirmed he never found anything. On one hand they're telling my friend something else different from what they told me. We don't know now which is which. The staff working on tonite 30 December so rude, no customer service at all. Was even told it's not their problem it is mine since I'm the one who left the phone after all, it responsibility. I've left items in taxis before and find them but was always treated with respect.   30-12-17