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One star is a lot, would give no stars at all if it was possible. I booked a taxi to pick me up at the train station at midnight when I was arriving from a business trip. Booked it a week in advance, on the day I called them to confirm, and they even sent me an email reminding me about the booking. After waiting for 10 minutes I called to check what was going on and all they said is they would send a taxi once they had an available car so when I asked what was the point of booking it in advance they hung up on me. I waited 10 more minutes and called again and got the exact same response. I waited 5 more minutes and decided to walk home. I am a woman and had to walk over a mile through poorly illuminated footpaths to be able to get home at midnight thanks to the appalling service of this taxi firm. Will never use it again and would not recommend to anybody.
Non existing service from drivers and extremely rude phone operators.   18-12-15